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At Pup's Place were happy to gift wrap your purchase for that special pup. From your shopping cart select "Show gift options during checkout" to start the process.

Pup's Place uses Pet Party PrintzTM when gift wrapping your purchases so you know they are dog friendly and ready for ripping into!

Pet Party PrintzTM is a one-of-a-kind pet friendly gift wrap that allows your pet to receive a wrapped gift and enjoy the excitement of opening it too! Pet Party PrintzTM is designed and manufactured in the USA to be pet friendly. The revolutionary Rip’n’StickTM edge technology creates a safer product for pets, and a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to wrap gifts.

Many of today’s pet owners currently wrap their pet’s gifts using traditional wrapping paper containing chemicals that are potentially harmful to the pet if consumed. In addition to the paper itself, the ancillary tape used to seal traditional wrapping paper also poses a potential harm. Pet Party PrintzTM was designed to keep pets safe from potentially harmful chemicals. Every aspect of the gift wrapping process has been re-engineered to make it a safer product for your beloved pet. The paper, ink, and the unique patented Rip-n-StickTM adhesive edge have been developed with your pet’s safety in mind. We invite you to get your pet involved in the gifting experience and give your furry companion the gift of surprise!

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified product.