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Pup's Place LLC
Creating Happy Pups with Green Paws

We believe your dog is part of the family and deserves the same high quality, safe products that you demand for yourself and the rest of your family. Our commitment to eco friendly and safe pet products is a reflection of our dedication to a greener earth and healthy pets. We search far and wide to find the best dog products and supplies for your pup from companies with a commitment to sustainable, eco friendly, non-toxic pet products.

Meet Laurie, Emi and Luca:

Laurie and husband Randy love spending time outdoors with their four-legged children. Affectionately referred to as "two giant mutts," Emi and Luca are a couple of spoiled pups that rule the house and are often the first line of testers when we discover new products. Luca prefers anything with a treat involved and Emi strives to claim all beds to herself for a proper belly rub. Contact